25 Benefits of Marriage (Plus 3 More)

Last week I attended a conference put on by a good friend, Todd Braschler.  It was entitled: A Visionary Leader. One take-away for me was the challenge to become better at helping people SEE the benefits of marriage. This Thanksgiving, take a moment and visualize the  following:

25 benefits of marriage (plus three more) where you:

  • Create and experience a shared history
  • Work as a team to raise children
  • Have someone to learn with and learn from throughout life
  • Spend the holidays together
  • Demonstrate to children that life is not all about self
  • Share labor and responsibilities around the house
  • Travel together to explore new places
  • Create special memories
  • Keep each other warm on cold nights
  • Help children learn the uniqueness of male and female
  • Experience ongoing companionship
  • Watch children grow up together
  • Enjoy similar music together
  • Help to alleviate loneliness
  • Both are challenged to mature in love
  • Pray together
  • Become best friends
  • Do fun activities together like going to the movies, riding horses, riding bikes, going on vacations, dancing, etc.
  • Have no worries of STD’s
  • Share each other’s burdens
  • Provide security for the children
  • Experience better physical intimacy
  • Mutually encourage each other
  • Know two are better than one
  • Watch sunsets together

BONUS three:

  • Have a built in date
  • Know unconditional love that is based on commitment not feelings
  • Grow old together, hand in hand.

OK, stop a moment and visualize one of the above for just 30 seconds…

Did you do it?


Now thank God for at least one thing in your spouse!

FINALLY, when you see your spouse today – tell them that one thing you are thankful for!!

There are SO MANY benefits to marriage. Don’t lose sight of the gift of the person who chose to walk with you through life. Thank them for doing so!

What other benefits of marriage would you want your children to know?  You can leave a response below:

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