The Process

Each of us are on a journey through life. The Bible makes it clear that we have only so much time here on earth and that God’s desire is to do a work in us much like a potter does with a piece of clay. He prepares us, centers us on the wheel, shapes us, trims off the excess, and fires up the pot. His goal is not only to make us into a beautiful piece of pottery but then to put us to use in His Kingdom and for the lives of others.

I compare the counseling process to that of an ongoing journey, whereby I come along side those I am working with to be a tool in the hand of the Master Potter. I will prepare you by talking about the process of counseling and what you can expect along the way. We will then center on the areas of greatest concern. Through questions and guidance I will help you discover that which is needed to bring about the re-shaping of your life, your marriage, and/or your family. There will no doubt also be areas in your life that need to be “trimmed off.” That too is part of the process. The wonderful thing to realize is that the work God does is very purposeful. Not only will you and others marvel at what He produces, but you will discover new purpose and motivation in life.

Along the way you will learn on several different levels. We will discuss and learn from the various circumstances in your life (lives) that seem to be the source of your difficulties. In marriage and family counseling, I will coach you to learn from each other as the circumstances are being shared. I will also challenge you to learn from me as I interact with each person involved. You will learn what it takes to communicate well and how to do it. You will learn about emotions and what to do with them. And you will learn ways in which you relate to each other that help bring about life or death in your relationships. Finally, you will gain a picture of health in your life and how to move towards that as you trust in the Master Potter to do His work in your life!

“I have known Mark Oelze for 17 years. He served on my staff at the Wichita Vineyard for 14 of those years. When I met Mark he was leading a successful area Christian counseling center. Mark’s counseling gifts paved the way for his entrance into pastoral ministry and today I consider him one of the most experienced and wise Christian Marriage Counselors in our city. Evidence of this can be seen is the large number of people who count Mark as one of the key ingredients to their personal healing and relationship health. He is compassionate, sensitive, caring, humorous, and he goes the extra mile to help others.”

Tom Rozof, Senior Pastor Vineyard Church

If you want to find hope and are willing to go through the pottering process in your life or marriage, give me a call at: (316)-207-5924. My greatest desire is not only to help you move through the difficulties you are experiencing but to see you come away with a God inspired vision for your life!

Mark Oelze, M.A. in Biblical Counseling