How do I know if you are the counselor I should be seeing?

Great question. One that I think should be asked by everyone seeking counseling. I have several suggestions. If you were referred to me by someone you know, simply ask them why they recommended me. Have they personally been helped by me in some way? Read through our website, jot down any questions or concerns you might have that are not answered. Give me a call! Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. I believe you ought to feel free to interview me so to speak to develop your own opinion and sense as to whether or not it will be a good fit.

When I start with people I encourage them to commit to a few sessions where we can both sense whether or not I am the counselor you ought to be seeing. Keep in mind it is quite natural to feel uneasy and nervous when you have your first session with any counselor. You should feel more comfortable and have a better idea if the counselor can help by the end of the second or third session. If things don’t click; it is perfectly alright to discontinue the counseling relationship and begin seeing someone else. Your counselor should be able to assist you with a referral if you so desire.

What is different about Biblical Counseling?

In every area of life there are final answers that truly do make a difference. In the area of counseling or psychology (the study of the human mind and behavior) there are hundreds of schools of thought, meaning you might get as many different answers to the questions of life you are seeking! Something is wrong with that picture! Are there not final, true answers to life’s difficulties? I believe there are.

I was trained by nationally known Christian Psychologist and author Dr. Larry Crabb, and Dr. Dan Allender who in my opinion are two of the wisest men I know.  They have spent their lives studying the Bible to develop a counseling approach to life’s difficulties in which indeed there are real, final answers based on the truth in God’s Word. As a result the understanding you receive will make real sense, bring real clarity, and bring real change. As Christ Himself said: “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!”

What will the counseling process be like?

In an attempt to find quick relief when we are overwhelmed by circumstances in life, we often miss the essential insights about the causes of the difficulties and the lessons to learn. In order to capture all we can in the counseling experience, I see us going on a journey. Together, we will walk through the challenges being encountered. You will grow in your understanding as to the causes of the problems and discover what is needed for lasting change and real growth. I will lead you through a process of discovery rather than simply giving straight out direction and advice. In so doing, you will retain much more that is learned and it will have a lasting affect.[/tab]

Do you do other counseling besides marriage and family?

I have counseled with people on many different issues and have seen God do many wonderful things. Whereas my focus is primarily marriage counseling, I consider helping with other concerns as well on a case by case situation. Because of my relationships with others in the helping profession in the Wichita area, I can also make recommendations for referrals when I believe it best.

Will insurance companies pay for Christian Marriage Counseling?

In most cases for me, the answer is no – for one simple reason. My Master’s Degree is literally in Biblical Counseling. Most insurance companies don’t recognize this degree as an insurable expense.

Do you prescribe or believe in medicine?

I cannot prescribe what is termed as psychotropic medications, i.e. mood-altering drugs that affect mental activity, behavior, or perception. In certain occasions such as bi-polar disorder, major depression, and schizophrenia I have personally witnessed tremendous results gained from medications. Research has indicated a strong physiological component in occurrence of these mental disorders. I therefore see a real benefit in taking medicine in cases such as these, in much the same way one benefits from taking medicines with any other physiological disorder.

Whereas I see that medications for the above can be very helpful, I believe that counseling for individuals struggling with the same is also a very worthwhile investment.[/tab]

Do you counsel over the phone or the internet?

Yes. Counseling over the phone or using internet programs like SKYPE, is becoming more and more common. Because of this I am currently counseling people from the East to the West coast. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but most people get past that very quickly and actually find advantages in these possibilities.

What is your hourly fee?

My set fee for counseling is:  $85.00 a session which is about one hour.   I usually meet with people every week which averages about $340 a month OR for three weeks per month which comes to $255.00 per month.

Do you offer discounts?

I understand some are truly in a situation where they cannot afford our fees. If you are in that situation, and still want to work with me, give me a call and during our first session we will go over your budget and determine an amount together that will work for us both.

What are your hours of service?

I have general time slots available for counseling from 8: 30 in the morning to 6: 30 in the evening Monday through Friday. Other times are also available on a limited basis.  To set up an appointment or for further information call:  316-207-5924 or Contact Me here.