Programs & Fees

Speaking Topics:

Mutual Submission – A unique approach to Ephesians 5

Loving Your Neighbor – kinda like Jesus says!

How To Share Your Faith  – without scaring off the fish!

Winning More Than Losing – the battle over sexual temptation

Counseling Per Session Rate:

My fee for counseling is $85.00 per one hour session. I usually meet with people every week which averages about $340 a month OR for three weeks per month which comes to $255.00 per month. For some – especially those who are willing to do whatever it takes to get the help they need – they are fine with that. I understand some are truly in a situation where they could not afford that. If you are in that situation, and still want to work with me, give me a call and during our first session we will go over your budget and determine an amount together that you can afford.

Marriage Conferences:

My wife Zerrin and I teach the Madly In Love Marriage Conference as another means of helping couples grow strong marriages.

Every marriage experiences conflict at least on occasion.  The real tragedy is that very few of us were taught how to handle it well, let alone grow and benefit from it.  Left unresolved, it can drain the heart of love, and fill it with bitterness.  When in conflict, you can stay mad, or make an important shift to grow Madly In Love.   You can see what it takes by attending the Madly In Love Marriage Conference where you will learn:

* What is at the core of conflict
* Why she keeps bringing things up from the past and what to do when she does
* Why he doesn’t talk much, and what you can do to help
* The best time to work through conflict – and it’s not when you think
* How to actually benefit from conflict – not bury it or just resolve it
* A tried and true process for working through conflict
* A required shift in thinking to becoming madly in love once again
* The greatest gift to give your children

You will experience laughter, tears, and renewed hope with a  plan to follow for a life time of love!

For more information and Conference details go to our Madly In Love website HERE!