Online Counseling

GREAT NEWS! I am currently counseling couples and individuals all over the country and Canada. In some cases, we simply use the phone, but with others we use a relatively new venue called SKYPE. It is a wonderful tool which povides live audio/visual over the internet – and its a free download! It may seem to take a bit getting use to, but very quickly most people like it quite well. It even has some advantages such as not having to find baby sitters for the kids and leave the house again. And some enjoy sitting in the privacy of their own home as we talk.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment using SKYPE or to learn more about it, please call me, at 316-207-5924.

To use SKYPE you simply need a decent computer with a webcam built in or attached and high speed internet. If you happen to have a Mac (like me) we can use something they provide called ICHAT which is their version of SKYPE.

To download SKYPE click HERE